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Eye Brow Shaping, Waxing or Tweezing

Your eye brow frames your face and eyes and just like an interior decorator can give you a brand-new perspective in your home, our eyebrow specialist can transform the way you see your facial features.

A single hair can change the entire shape of the brow, which in turn changes the shape of your face. Your brow shape can make you look sad, angry, severe or tired if not done correctly. It’s easy to overdo it on your own, if you make the mistake of removing too many or the wrong hairs, they can take a long time to grow back and sometimes they never do.

We will take the time to do a good job and are better at seeing the big picture so come in and see us.

Eye Brow Products

We sell a large range of specialised hair treatment creams, lotions, sprays and serums, including:

  • Algologie Hair retard
  • Algologie Algae Maceration
  • Professional bodycare Tee tree lotion and wash
  • Sincerity hair growth serum (used for rebuilding your brow)

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